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Senator Edd Houck with speaks with an African American constituent

Senator Edd Houck with speaks with a constituent

Sen. Edd Houck, the top target of anti-choice activists, Albemarle’s senior legislator and half of the two-vote firewall in the Senate that keeps extremist legislation from the Republican General Assembly from being enacted into law continues to find himself targeted by false attacks. This time, radical anti-choice activists are spreading a flyer claiming that he supports racial genocide. The Free Lance Star reports:

This particular flier says that Margaret Sanger, an early advocate of birth control whose work led to the founding of Planned Parenthood, was a racist who gave talks to the Ku Klux Klan, and that Planned Parenthood puts abortion clinics in black neighborhoods “not by accident.” The flier says that Houck is supported by Planned Parenthood and that voters in the 17th state Senate district should vote against Houck and “save our children from the abortion industry’s agenda.”

Not surprisingly, local African-American leaders are outraged at the ridiculous attack:

The Rev. Lawrence Davies, a former city mayor, said he was “outraged” when he saw the flier with the headline “Would you support killing African-American babies?”

Davies said he was particularly upset by the flier’s headline. “What is it that they say in here that indicates the person who supports Sen. Houck would be killing African-American babies?” Davies said. He said he’s never heard of a “black genocide agenda” from Planned Parenthood. “I don’t know of any abortion facilities in the black neighborhoods here,” Davies added.

To date, Republican candidate, extremist Bryce Reeves, who proudly received the endorsement of right-wing radical Mike Huckabee,  has not condemned the spurious attacks being run on his behalf. With classless opposition like this, it’s no wonder that the Free Lance Star has endorsed Sen. Houck for reelection. Don’t forget to vote to Sen. Houck and for all of our other candidates in Albemarle County this Tuesday, November 8th!