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Statement from the Albemarle County Democratic Committee:

In light of Scottsville District Supervisor Christopher Dumler’s recent plea of guilty to a charge of sexual battery, the Committee has decided to remove him from the Albemarle County Democratic Committee and call for his resignation from the Board of Supervisors.

Mr. Dumler has accomplished much good work on behalf of the citizens of Scottsville District and of Albemarle County. However, the behavior for which Mr. Dumler has accepted responsibility does not reflect Democratic values and standards, nor the standard to which we hold our elected officials. We cannot support his continued service.

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This year’s elections are critical! The future of Virginia and of Albemarle County hangs in the balance. Our efforts in 2011 can determine the results in 2012. In Richmond the slim Democratic majority in the State Senate has saved us from the radical right-wing agenda passed by the Republican controlled House of Delegates. If we lose that majority, a Republican controlled legislature would immediately attack both voters’ rights and women’s rights. In states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, any state where Republicans have complete control, they have done exactly that plus they have cut funding for education, police, fire protection and given tax breaks to corporations. If they gain a majority in the State Senate, Republicans will make voting more difficult and we could lose the 2012 election in 2011 a full year before the ballots are cast.

In our area we have two great State Senators – Creigh Deeds in the 25th district and Edd Houck in the 17th district. Both are very good men and very good senators. Their opponents are heavily funded by right-wing interest groups. The barrage of ads attacking Edd Houck and Creigh Deeds will get worse and worse as November 8th approaches. Every Democratic voter in our county must know what is at stake.

We face the same right-wing insanity with the county Board of Supervisors where Republican members are basing public policy on right-wing conspiracy theories and suspending rules at midnight to exclude the public from the process.

Our votes are all that we have with which to fight back. This year, 2011, we must get every possible Democratic voter to the polls. Failing to vote in 2011 could lose the election in 2012.

Help us turn out Democrats in Albemarle County.  Contact Ben Brumleve to sign up to volunteer in the final days of the campaign.  We need help going door to door to turn out Democrats and making reminder phone calls.  Email or call 264-6872 to let us know where and when you can help!

Bob McAdams is the Rio District Chair for the Albemarle Democratic Committee

Saturday’s 23rd Annual Albemarle County Democratic BBQ was a huge success.  Over 300 Democrats turned out to hear from our candidates in this year’s election, including Edd Houck, Creigh Deeds, Cynthia Neff, Christopher Dumler, Connie Brennan, Ned Gallaway and others.

Former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffee and former Congressman Tom Perriello also fired up the crowd for this year’s critical elections – especially holding the Democratic majority in the State Senate and winning a majority for the county Board of Supervisors.

Attendees were entertained by the BBQ Band, comprised of Democrats Marcia Joseph, Maynard Sipe, and Ray Varona.

At the BBQ, the Albemarle Democratic Party presented the Enie Nash Award to former Chair Will Harvey, who has served ably for many years as the chair of the Butler Scholarship committee and as the Democratic appointee on the Albemarle County Electoral Board. He is stepping down from both responsibilities this year.  The 2011 Butler Scholarship winners were also announced.

The Democratic Party also presented a special award to retiring Supervisor from the Scottsville District, Lindsay Dorrier, recognizing him for his thirty years of public service.

A special thanks to Paige McGrath, owner of Lower Sherwood Farm, who graciously hosted the BBQ this year.

And as always, the committee is grateful to our amazing BBQ chefs, who cooked our chicken, pulled pork and beef brisket to perfection: Jeff Sobel, John Loehr, Peter McIntosh, Steve Rose and Elton Oliver.

Check out coverage of the event from NBC 29.


For Immediate Release

Charlottesville: On Monday, August 15, Albemarle County Democrats came together in Lane Auditorium to nominate their candidates for this fall’s Albemarle County elections. Following speeches from Sen. Creigh Deeds and Del. David Toscano, along with the Democratic nominee for the 59th House of Delegates District, Connie Brennan, the County candidates addressed an enthusiastic crowd of Albemarle County voters.

The candidates addressed the need for more transparent decision-making in county government, the need to support education, and the call to maintain the high quality of life and dedication to public service that Albemarle residents expect from elected officials. All the candidates stressed the importance of local elections–the outcome of which most immediately impact quality-of-life issues such as schools and libraries, adequate police and safety personnel, and planning for the future of our community.

Albemarle Commonwealth’s Attorney Denise Lunsford commented on the candidates’ record of public service, and remarked on Democrats’ record of advocating for the rights of all people. Ann Mallek, incumbent Chair of the Board of Supervisors from White Hall district, remembered when the Board worked together to achieve the stated goals of the community.

Candidate for Board of Supervisors from Scottsville district Christopher J. Dumler told the crowd that “we deserve a government that’s responsive, actually listening to the citizens of Albemarle on the issues that really matter to them.”

Rivanna Board of Supervisors candidate Cynthia Neff pledged that she “will fight for open, transparent and effective local government while striving to preserve the quality of life for the community.”

While school board positions are non-partisan, two candidates have received the endorsement of the Albemarle County Democratic Committee: Scottsville incumbent Steve Koleszar reflected on what it takes to keep Albemarle’s public schools “world class”–with a 92% on-time graduation rate–in the face of reduced budgets. Candidate for the at-large seat, Ned Gallaway, a former teacher, said that our world-class schools help prepare our children to become critical thinkers and the creative innovators of the future.

Valerie L’Herrou, Chair of the Albemarle County Democratic Party, pointed out that Albemarle was fortunate to have such high-quality representation in the General Assembly as Creigh Deeds, Edd Houck, and David Toscano. She praised the work of incumbents Denise Lunsford, Ann Mallek and Steve Koleszar. L’Herrou said she was proud to have candidates of such high caliber: hard working, informed on the issues, and with a proven record of public service.

For more information: Valerie L’Herrou, Chair 434.996.1803

Our latest Democratic News with upcoming events is below.  Please sign up to receive these updates via email.

Sat May 14, 2011
6pm – 9pm
African-American Teaching Fellows Art Auction
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church, 717 Rugby Road
Purchase fabulous pieces of art and gift certificates while enjoying food, refreshments, and of course, good company. Funds go to support a great cause–helping to recruit and support our Teaching Fellows. Please RSVP 220-4264. Tickets are $30 per person, $55 for two.

Monday, May 16, 2011
4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Coffee with State Senator Edd Houck
Cville Coffee: 1301 Harris Street, Charlottesville
Redistricting has added long time state Senator Edd Houck as a Senator for the eastern part fo Albemarle County.  Join us at Cville Coffee for an informal meet & greet with Senator Houck.  He represents voters in the Agnor-Hurt, Branchlands, Dunlora, Free Bridge, Georgetown and Keswick precincts in addition to some voters in the Jack Jouett, Stony Point and Woodbrook precincts.

Mon May 16, 2011
5:30pm – 7:30pm
Democratic Committee Meeting
Albemarle County Office Building, room 235, 401 McIntire Rd, Charlottesville
Monthly Meeting of the Albemarle Democratic Committee

Sat May 21, 2011
10am – 12pm
Albemarle-Charlottesville Democratic Breakfast
Gordon Ave Library
The registrars of the City and the County will explain what has changed under local and state redistricting.

NOTE new location (Gordon Ave, not Market Street, library branch) and new time (due to Gordon’s later opening time).

Sat May 21, 2011
11am – 12:30pm
DPVA Brunch with Chairman Moran
Siips, downtown mall
The State Democratic Party hosts a fundraising brunch with DPVA chair␣Brian Moran at Siips. Rsvp or

Sun May 22, 2011
6pm – 8pm
Scottsville District Candidates Meet & Greet
330 Valley Street, Scottsville, VA
Join us to meet our 2011 Scottsville District Candidates:

Senator Creigh Deeds; Commonwealth’s Attorney Denise Lunsford; School Board Member Steve Koleszar; Supervisor Candidate Christopher J. Dumler; and At-Large School Board Candidate Ned Gallaway