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Our 2015 elections include the State Senate, House of Delegates and local elections. The election will be held on next Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015—with absentee voting already taking place. Find out more about our candidates and voting information below.

Virginia State Senate (Districts 17 and 25)

Virginia House of Delegates (Districts 25, 57, 58, 59)

Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney

Albemarle County Sheriff

Albemarle County Clerk of Court

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors (White Hall, Scottsville and Rivanna Magisterial Districts.

Albemarle County School Board (At-Large Seat, White Hall, Scottsville and Rivanna Districts, Samuel Miller District Special Election). School Board members run as independents. These candidates have been endorsed by the Democratic Party.

Soil and Water Conservation District (2 seats from Albemarle)

  • Lonnie Murray


White Hall Supervisor Ann Mallek is holding her Eighth Series  town halls in March.  She posts on her web site details:

Thank you for your confidence to send me back for a second term representing the White Hall district. You are vitally important to success, by sharing your insights about problems and solutions in our community.

Unlike some radio hosts, I believe “Community” is a good word, conveying a sense of caring about neighbors, local business success, our children’s futures and the protection of the environment which helps us to lead healthy lives. None of us is alone on an island; we are all connected to sink or succeed together.

Beginning Tuesday, March 13, I will host three citizens’ town halls.Police Dept officers and school board members will be in attendance. In addition to the budget details, I ask for feedback on any other issues of interest. I will gather topics every 30 minutes to prevent leaving issues unaddressed. Please join me at an upcoming meeting:

  • Tuesday, March 13. Town Hall with Pam Moynihan. Broadus Wood cafeteria. 7 pm.
  • Saturday, March 17. 1 pm. Town Hall with Steve Koleszar at White Hall community Center.
  • Monday, March 19. 7 pm at the Meadows, Crozet Ave. Town Hall with Eric Strucko and Ned Gallaway.

We will discuss the timetable for ordinance changes for rural area businesses such as bed-and-breakfast rooms in outbuildings and food service at farms, as well as changes to county process to “fast-track” applications to help our economic recovery.

There are many other questions. What are your thoughts on cost-recovery billing to insurance companies only for ambulance transport? Should changes be made to ordinances currently allowing burning of household trash in our backyards? Are you concerned about drug use in the school-age population?

Updates will also be provided about upcoming VDOT projects in the White Hall District.

Actions of the General Assembly as the session ends will affect the local budget. State government has passed us the bill to restore funding to the state retirement system by requiring an additional $1.4 M each year from Albemarle County. Sad the Governor did not repay the loan he took from the retirement system, calling it “surplus” and handing out bonuses to state employees.

General reductions in funding for schools, for mental health services as patients are returned to their communities, for maintenance of roads unless matched 50/50 by local funds, and cuts in funding for commonwealth’s attorney, sheriff, and jail budgets will hamper our ability to fund our local future. It is unknown today what the Governor will do as the bills pass and come across his desk.

What is known is that we all can work together. Many of you help me to be well informed about issues of particular interest to you. We will continue to work together to fund the completion of the Historic District application and the furnishings to the Western Albemarle Crozet library.

Thank you all for your assistance.

Read more at Supervisor Mallek’s web site.

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White Hall Supervisor Ann Mallek will host three town halls for constituents in the coming weeks:

  • Tuesday, March 13th, at 7 PM, at Broadus Wood Elementary School
  • Saturday, March 17th, at 1 PM, at the White Hall Community Center
  • Monday, March 19th, at 7 PM, at Crozet Meadows.
According to the Daily Progress:
Mallek is asking for feedback on the county budget and any other issues residents are concerned about. According to a news release, Mallek will gather topics at the start of each meeting.

You can find out more about Supervisor Mallek at her web site.

Read other updates from Albemarle’s Democratic elected officials.

For Immediate Release

Charlottesville: On Monday, August 15, Albemarle County Democrats came together in Lane Auditorium to nominate their candidates for this fall’s Albemarle County elections. Following speeches from Sen. Creigh Deeds and Del. David Toscano, along with the Democratic nominee for the 59th House of Delegates District, Connie Brennan, the County candidates addressed an enthusiastic crowd of Albemarle County voters.

The candidates addressed the need for more transparent decision-making in county government, the need to support education, and the call to maintain the high quality of life and dedication to public service that Albemarle residents expect from elected officials. All the candidates stressed the importance of local elections–the outcome of which most immediately impact quality-of-life issues such as schools and libraries, adequate police and safety personnel, and planning for the future of our community.

Albemarle Commonwealth’s Attorney Denise Lunsford commented on the candidates’ record of public service, and remarked on Democrats’ record of advocating for the rights of all people. Ann Mallek, incumbent Chair of the Board of Supervisors from White Hall district, remembered when the Board worked together to achieve the stated goals of the community.

Candidate for Board of Supervisors from Scottsville district Christopher J. Dumler told the crowd that “we deserve a government that’s responsive, actually listening to the citizens of Albemarle on the issues that really matter to them.”

Rivanna Board of Supervisors candidate Cynthia Neff pledged that she “will fight for open, transparent and effective local government while striving to preserve the quality of life for the community.”

While school board positions are non-partisan, two candidates have received the endorsement of the Albemarle County Democratic Committee: Scottsville incumbent Steve Koleszar reflected on what it takes to keep Albemarle’s public schools “world class”–with a 92% on-time graduation rate–in the face of reduced budgets. Candidate for the at-large seat, Ned Gallaway, a former teacher, said that our world-class schools help prepare our children to become critical thinkers and the creative innovators of the future.

Valerie L’Herrou, Chair of the Albemarle County Democratic Party, pointed out that Albemarle was fortunate to have such high-quality representation in the General Assembly as Creigh Deeds, Edd Houck, and David Toscano. She praised the work of incumbents Denise Lunsford, Ann Mallek and Steve Koleszar. L’Herrou said she was proud to have candidates of such high caliber: hard working, informed on the issues, and with a proven record of public service.

For more information: Valerie L’Herrou, Chair 434.996.1803

General Assembly

All three Democratic nominees for General Assembly have significant cash on hand advantages and impressively outraised their opponents during this reporting period:

Albemarle’s new State Senator, Edd Houck, from the 17th District raised over $160,000 this quarter, leaving him with over $475,000 cash on hand heading into his race against Republican Bryce Reeves, known for being endorsed by right-wing radical Mike Huckabee’s Huck PAC. Reeves barely raised $70,000 in a race that is expected to come down to the wire in November.

And Sen. Creigh Deeds, who has served Albemarle County in the State Senate since 2001, raised over $53,000 this quarter, finishing with nearly $120,000 on hand creating an imposing lead as he faces opposition for the first time in the form of T.J. Aldous, a local lawyer, who raised $10,000 and spent more than $3000 of that.

Delegate David Toscano, Charlottesville and Albemarle’s Democratic Delegate from the 58th State House District is sitting on around $130,000 cash on hand going into this election cycle. So far, Del. Toscano has scared away the competition and no Republican has stepped forward to take him on.

Board of Supervisors

Our candidates on the county level haven’t done shabbily in the cash race either. The Democratic challenger in the Rivanna District, Cynthia Neff, raised more than any other supervisor candidate in the county, raising over $16,000 for her race against “Friend of Developers” Ken Boyd, more than double what he raised.

Meanwhile, Christopher J. Dumler, the Democratic candidate running for retiring Democrat Lindsay Dorrier’s seat in the Scottsville District had the most individual donors among the supervisor candidates. He raised over $10,000 from nearly 100 individual donors, out-raising his opponent, Jim Norwood, by a margin of over 10:1.

County Board of Supervisors Chairperson, Ann Mallek, is facing no Republican opposition this year. Despite that, she has raised over $6,000 in her uncontested race as she hears from constituents while preparing for another four years on the Board.

Despite the significant advantages these figures show, our candidates need to continue to raise funds at an even more rapid pace in order to remain competitive as right-wing special interests flood these races with cash to help their favored candidates win.

Visit our ActBlue page today and make a contribution to help our excellent candidates in Albemarle County have the resources to stay competitive!