Dear Democratic Neighbors,

Thank you!

Tuesday was a great day for Democrats in Virginia and in Albemarle County. Together, we gave our statewide ticket (Governor-elect Ralph Northam, Lt. Governor-elect Justin Fairfax, and Attorney General Mark Herring) a record level of Democratic support in Albemarle and propelled them to victory. That support along, with their own hard work, propelled Liz Palmer and Graham Paige to re-election in the Samuel Miller District. We also saw Katrina Callsen elected to the Rio District School Board seat. These wonderful results, along with the re-election of our uncontested candidates, Delegate David Toscano, Diantha McKeel, Ned Gallaway and Kate Acuff, give us an incredibly strong team of local elected officials. Thank you to all of these great leaders for their continued service.

We are also thrilled with the performance statewide in House of Delegates campaigns under the leadership of our very own Democratic Leader, David Toscano. We've picked up an unprecedented 15 seats as of this writing, with two to three more going to recounts. Thanks to all Albemarle County Democrats who contributed to efforts throughout the state.

And, a special thank you goes to the candidates who stepped up to run but didn't win. Angela Lynn, Kellen Squire, Tracy Carver, and Mary McIntyre each brought incredible energy and passion to their campaigns. Our community is better for their efforts and we hope they find ways to continue advancing the important goals that caused them to run in the first place.

Read on for quick summaries of how our candidates performed in Albemarle County and links to full statewide results.

Stay tuned to this newsletter in the coming week with announcements about our biennial reorganization. For now, thank you for all you do.

Patty Haling


How our Democratic candidates in performed in Albemarle County
Click Links for full results beyond Albemarle County

Statewide Ticket (View Statewide Results)
Ralph Northam - Governor - 63.8% Albemarle
Justin Fairfax - Lieutenant Governor - 62.8% Albemarle
Mark Herring - Attorney General - 63.3% Albemarle

House of Delegates
Angela Lynn - 25th District - 60.1% Albemarle (View All)
David Toscano - 57th District - 95% Albemarle (View All)
Kellen Squire - 58th District - 47% Albemarle (View All)
Tracy Carver - 59th District - 63% Albemarle (View All)

Board of Supervisors (View Results)
Ned Gallaway - Rio District - 96%
Diantha McKeel - Jack Jouett District - 97%
Liz Palmer - Samuel Miller District - 68%

School Board (View Results)
*Katrina Callsen - Rio District - 63%
*Mary McIntyre - Rio District - 36%
Kate Acuff - Jack Jouett District - 98%
Graham Paige - Samuel Miller District - 65%

*School Board candidates run as independents. In the Rio district, we had two great candidates and the Albemarle Democratic Committee endorsed both.