A message from the Chair

We must become the change that will pressure Virginia’s leaders to seriously tackle hate crimes, establish a task force to address the crisis of racism and exclusion in our Commonwealth, and with one voice proclaim that Virginia will not tolerate any ethos that seeks to terrorize any one of us for the color of our skin, the love in our hearts, or our chosen place of worship.

#ProtectOurHealthcare #ShutdownTheSenate

In a Facebook post, Former President Barack Obama called the bill what it is, "a massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest families in America." Claims by the the Trump Administration and Senate Republicans that the bill will improve healthcare in America is a lie. As many as 23 million people will lose healthcare access, and premiums will rise for millions more, while coverage will worsen for our most vulnerable populations. 

It is time to put an end to this. 

Announcing the 2017 James and Nellie Butler Scholarship

The Albemarle County Democratic Party is pleased to offer four $500 scholarships in the names of James R. and Nellie M. Butler to honor their contributions to the community, particularly their support of public education and their dedication to public service. The annual scholarships will be awarded to one Albemarle County public high school senior at each of the County high schools, who is planning to attend college and has demonstrated a determination to contribute to his or her community as the Butlers have done. Applicants are judged on the basis of their academic record, their commitment to public service, and financial need.

Since the creation of these scholarships by the Albemarle County Democratic Party to honor James and Nellie Butler, we have provided over $20,000 to county high school students to help defray some of the costs of college.

Apply now!

Thank you for making it a great event!

Thank you to everyone who joined us this past Sunday at Meriwether Springs Vineyard—it was an absolutely beautiful afternoon and our spring fundraiser with Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam was a great success. 

The funds raised on Sunday will help the Albemarle County Democratic Party continue to inform voters, register new voters, and organize for this November’s presidential and congressional elections and the important races coming up in 2017. 

We want to extend a special thanks to Dianne Martin and her planning committee, as well as to the following supporters of the event:


Richard Brewer

Kay Leigh Ferguson


 Norman Dill

Lucia Phinney & Robin Dripps  


Susan Klees

Regina and Ed Pierce

Jennifer & David Robinson

Cindy & Jon Zug


Anonymous * Pat & Madison Cummings * Jane Dittmar

Sylvia Hallock * Mitty & Will Harvey

Mary Buford & Fred Hitz * Bill Love

Marcia MacNaughton * Dianne Martin & Rich Olin

Cynthia Neff * Wren & Tom Olivier

Anne & Dennis Rooker * Betty & John Scott

Diane & Marty Silverman

Jennifer Sulzberger & Bob DuCharme

Becky Williams & Liz Browne * Blair Williamson

Albemarle's Role in Selecting Congressional and Presidential Democratic Candidates

Who will be our Democratic nominee?You may wonder what’s next in the process to select our Democratic Nominees this year. For President, we voted on March 1st in Virginia in the Democratic Primary. Those results will determine how many pledged delegates from Virginia are allocated to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Now we have to elect those delegates to the national convention.That happens in three steps. Hold that thought.

At the same time, we have to officially nominate our candidate to run for House of Representatives in the 5th District. Officially that takes places at the 5th District Convention.Currently only one candidate has filed, Albemarle’s very own Jane Dittmar.

Back to those steps:

Albemarle will hold a Caucus on April 18th (see the Call to Caucus) to elect delegates to the district and state conventions (not the national). All Albemarle Democrats who are registered to vote are eligible to attend this convention and help us select our 29 delegates and 7 alternates to the 5th District Convention and State Party Convention. A

Delegates elected at our caucus attend the 5th District Convention. The convention will formally nominate our candidate for the 5th District House of Representatives and elect district-level Delegates to the Democratic National Convention later in the summer. This event will be held in Nelson County on May 7th.

Those same Albemarle delegates will also attend the State Party Convention on June 18th. There, they will elect state level delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

If you want to read more about the process, check out the DemRulz blog or the Democratic Party of Virginia web site.

For now, what should you do?

If you want to participate in the process locally?

Just attend our Albemarle Caucus on April 18th (6 PM, Lane Auditorium, Albemarle County Office Building) if you are an Albemarle Democrat who is registered to vote.

If you wish to be a delegate to the district and state party conventions?

Pre-filing to be a delegate by filling out this form and submitting before April 11, 2016. (Word, PDF). Then attend the caucus on April 18th where we will select the delegates.

If you wish to run for election as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention?

You must pre-file (separate from the above process) by April 22nd. We’ll post these forms when we have them.

Regardless of whether you wish to participate in this process (and we hope you do), we’ll need your help to win in November!

CALL TO CAUCUS: Delegate Selection 4/18 at 6:30PM, County Office Building - Lane Auditorium


Pursuant to the authority provided by the Virginia Democratic Party Plan, the Albemarle County Democratic Committee hereby calls a Caucus to be held at 6:30, on Monday, April 18, 2016, in the Lane Auditorium at the Albemarle County Office Building at 401 McIntire Road.

Incorporated Documents.  All appropriate provisions of the Virginia Democratic Party Plan (“State Party Plan”), as amended, and the Call to Convention issued by the Fifth District Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia dated December 5th, 2015, are incorporated into this Call by reference and made a part hereof.

Purposes.  The purpose of the Caucus shall be to elect 29 delegates and 7 alternates to the Fifth District Convention to be held at the Nelson County High School in Lovingston, Virginia, at 11:00 A.M. on May 7th, 2016.

Participation and Outreach.  Participation in Virginia’s Democratic delegate selection process is open to all registered voters who wish to participate as Democrats.  All meetings shall be open to all members of the Democratic Party regardless of race, sex, age, color, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, economic status, or disability, and all meetings should be publicized fully.Each District and local committee should conduct outreach programs to encourage full participation by all Democrats in the delegate nomination process, including notice, publicity and education programs.   Such outreach should be directed to all Democratic constituencies, including group such as ethnic minorities, young people, persons over 65 years of age, lesbians and gay men, persons with a high school education or less, persons with disabilities and persons of low and moderate income.

Pre-filing.  Any Democrat wishing to be a delegate to the District Convention must file a Delegate pre-filing form (download pre-filing form as MS Word or download pre-filing form as PDF file) with the Chair of the Albemarle County Democratic committee, or a designated representative, by the filing deadline – 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 11, 2016.  Signed forms may be emailed to chair@albemarledems.org or mailed to P.O. Box 5698, Charlottesville, Virginia 22905. Only those delegate or alternate candidates who have filed by the deadline will appear on the ballots distributed at the caucus.  If no more than 29 persons have pre-filed to be delegates and no more than 7 persons have pre-filed to be alternates, those who have pre-filed will be deemed to have been elected, and the Caucus shall be cancelled.

Delegate Allocation. The number of delegates pledged to each congressional candidate will be assigned on a pro rata basis, based on the congressional candidate preferences of the participants in the meeting.The number of delegates pledged to each Presidential candidate will be assigned by the Democratic Party of Virginia based on the vote totals of each candidate receiving at least 15% in the March 1st, 2016 Democratic Presidential Preference Primary in that particular locality.

Declaration.  All candidates for delegate or alternate, and all persons participating in the caucus, shall sign a Declaration form which includes an affirmation that the person is a resident of, and registered to vote in, the jurisdiction holding the caucus; does not intend to support any candidate who is opposed to the Democratic nominee in the next ensuing general election; is a Democrat; is not a member of any other political party; and has not participated and will not participate in the nominating process of any other political party for the 2016 general election.  

Filing fee.  The Albemarle County Democratic Committee has requested a voluntary administrative fee for each delegate and alternate candidate to the Congressional District Convention of $10.00.  The Fifth District Committee has requested a voluntary administrative fee of $5.00.  The Democratic party of Virginia has requested a voluntary administrative fee of $10.00.  All delegates and alternates are asked to pay $25.00 when they are elected.  This fee is voluntary; no person shall be denied the right to participate in the delegate selection process due to nonpayment of the voluntary administrative fee. Fees may be paid online at http://www.albemarledems.org/fees.

Certification of District Delegates.  Within three days after the caucus, the Albemarle County Democratic Chair shall provide a list of all delegates and alternates to the Chair of the Fifth District Committee, Lisa Hystad, at 1088 Middle River Road, Stanardsville, VA 22973, or by email at lisahystad@hughes.net, and to the Chair of the Credentials Committee, Jody Brown, at [144 Laynard Lane, Moneta, VA 24121] or by email at jdbrown900@gmail.com.

Patty Haling

Chair, Albemarle County Democratic Party


Next steps if you wish to pre-file to run as a Delegate to the 5th District and State Party Conventions:

Download pre-filing form as MS Word OR

Download pre-filing form as PDF file