Thanks for making our 29th Annual Albemarle Dems BBQ a big success!

On behalf of the committee we want to offer our immense gratitude to everyone that came out to the event of the year. We were thrilled to have over a dozen local candidates take the stage to discuss local matters with local Democrats. Barbershop quartet Lark, the Carol McAvoy Project, and local mandolinist Tom shared their musical talents with the crowds and the food courtesy of CATEC and some dedicated meat lovers was excellent as always. Children attending the BBQ had endless entertainment from Little Planets, making it a fun event for all ages. Thank you to district chairs for providing desserts, to the volunteers and committee members and candidates that helped us prepare. And of course, a big thanks to our donors, sponsors, and patrons for making all of the work of the party possible. Thanks.



Richard Brewer   -     Creigh Deeds   -     David Toscano



Leslie Cockburn
Carole and William Gardner
Britton and Ken Horne
Friends of R.D. Huffstetler
Susan and L.F. Payne
Christy and Brad Sheffield
Friends - $250
Katherine Acuff
Lettie Bien and David Schmitt
Marie Coles Baker
Ellen and Bob Beard
James Taylor Beard
Alice and Jon Cannon
Pat and Madison Cummings
Julie and Ned Gallaway
Cheryl and John Gaughen
Sylvia Hallock and Rosa Jiminez-Vazquez
Betty and Fred Hudson
Stephen Koleszar
Bill Love
Marcia MacNaughten
Dianne Martin and Rich Olin
Lonnie Murray and Sharon Snyder
Cynthia Neff
Wren and Tom Olivier
Margaret and James Plews-Organ
Dave Shreve
Diane and Marty Silverman
Blair Williamson


Susan Bender
Kathleen and Daniel Bowman
Jennifer Brown
Charlotte and Ralph Dammann
Jane Davis
Norman Dill
Jane and Lindsay Dorrier
David Easton
Jim Heilman
Carol and David Hogg
Liz Palmer and Herb Stewart
Graham Paige
Paige Perriello
Marilynn and Gene Philippi
Seth Ragosta
Betty and John Scott
Linda and Rick Seaman
Margie and John Shepherd
William Shobe
Sneathern for Congress
Lynda White
Becky Williams and Liz Browne