The Albemarle County Democratic Party has a presence in all six Albemarle Magisterial Districts.

  1. Rio, consisting of the Woodbrook, Branchlands, Agnor-Hurt, Dunlora, and Northside precints
  2. Jack Jouett, consisting of the Jack Jouett, University Hall, Georgetown, and Belfield precincts
  3. Samuel Miller, consisting of the Ivy, Red Hill, East Ivy, County Green, Porters and Yellow Mountain precincts
  4. Scottsville, consisting of the Scottsville, Monicello, Cale, and Stone-Robinson precincts
  5. Rivanna, consisting of the Keswick, Stony Point, Hollymead, Free Bridge, and Burnley precincts
  6. White Hall, consisting of the Crozet, Free Union, Earlysville, and Brownsville, precincts

Map of Magisterial Districts in Albemarle County