Obama visits Chville campaign HQ on Wednesday, August 29.

Update: President Obama caused a flurry of excitement when he paid a visit to the Campaign HQ on the downtown mall after his appearance at the pavilion. Diners at outdoors restaurants–including Sissy Spacek!–were able to shake the President’s hand. Campaign staffers and volunteers were surprised to have the opportunity to have their photo taken with the President, who thanked them for their hard work.

Speaking of hard work: September 8 & 9 will be another Day of Action. To help in the big push to register voters, stop by either of the two Obama campaign offices to do a phone shift or pick up a voter registration packet at either 335 Greenbrier Dr (2nd floor) or the Downtown Mall office (next to the Spectacle shop).

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2 Responses to President Obama in Charlottesville on Wednesday

  1. KimHermsmeier says:

    If we had tickets to see First Lady Michelle Obama last month, can we exchange them for tickets to see the President?

  2. AlbemarleDems says:

    The campaign is calling through people who had tickets to see the First Lady, but no ticket exchanges will be made.  

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