Sen. Edd Houck with his wife Dana

Senator Edd Houck is locked in a tight recount with Bryce Reeves

Senator Edd Houck’s race against extremist Bryce Reeves has come down to the wire and control of the Virginia State Senate hinges on the result. After a counting error was corrected, Senator Houck was 86 votes behind Reeves based on unofficial results—well within the range for a recount. Senator Houck’s campaign has released the following statement:

The race for this seat remains too close to call.  Wednesday morning canvasses have yet to be held, and provisional ballots throughout the district have yet to be counted.  Also, there were several significant discrepancies during Tuesday night’s tabulation  that deserve further attention during the canvassing and certification process.  We look forward to monitoring this situation throughout the district to ensure that every vote is fairly and accurately counted, and we expect that Senator Houck will ultimately prevail in the final outcome.

Obviously, this race is not over and there is a lengthy process that we must go through to determine the winner. Albemarle Democrats look forward to ensuring that every vote is counted and we’re confident that when the dust settles that Senator Houck will have the lead.

6 Responses to Result in 17th District Senate Race is Still Too Close To Call

  1. hirohyoto says:

    Business owner in Spotsylvania here… I am hoping and wishing for Houck to come ahead through all this. We all know how Republicans like to get it close so that there can be sleight of hand tricks to give away false victories. My wife and I came out to our polling place and voted for Houck but we lost in this area – but I don’t care because our 2 went towards the final count and I wish more people from here did the same. Lots of lazy dems today and it could be costly. I don’t want to be a part of this proposed right wing utopia if Reeves cheats his way in. Keep doing what you are doing guys!

  2. Hypocrisy Alert says:

    The article mentions EXTREMIST Bryce Reeves, really?

    and the first comment claims “sleight of hand tricks ” by Republicans. Really?

    I know this is a Democratic website, but why all the spouting of hateful speech…..again ?

  3. Mary Rice says:

    I agree with the comment left on this site, disappointed in the the author for using the word ‘extremist’, in the article about Reeves and Houck. I think the phrase ‘extremist takeover’ is particularly bad. Let’s keep the rhetoric off of this site, please.

  4. hirohyoto says:

    Why are people posting and not adding anything to the conversation and just chastising the wording? You spend two years in the Republican controlled VA and see if you think the word extremism isn’t justified. This is what is wrong with the Democrats – we lose and shrivel up like worms and apologize for being who we are. The Republicans continue to gain ground by being bullies. I am not ashamed of what I said and I’m not ashamed of saying the Republicans used tricks in this election. They were able to redistrict after the census and you can see tons of people who could NOT vote for Houck despite wanting to because he was careful removed (gerrymandering) from strong Dem neighborhoods and polling areas… that is actually a reality! Why do you think citizens united was passed and suddenly millions of corporate cash came rolling in??? They knew it was when they could get their monies worth to put Republicans in strongly before the census to further dwindle the districts so that there are no more fair elections – why? Because the Republicans very extreme and dangerous platform doesn’t win on it’s own – they couldn’t win in an educated and informed election. They must cater to their corporate masters and trick poor people into voting against their own interest… and I do NOT apologize for saying so. I’m not some angry liberal trying to spread hate and anger – but let’s be serious here…. the middle and lower class are being marginalized. I don’t know why I am not a Republican – I own a multi-state insurance appraisal company and gross 70K/month but I still stand strong with my middle/lower class brothers because I know my roots – I know where I came from (grew up in poverty). Let’s stop the lies like the rich are job creators and that lowering taxes stimulates the economy – just like outsourcing it is dogmatic and short sighted without ANY thoughts to sustainability. The right wing lies have gone on for TOO LONG! If you disagree with me – don’t whine about how I said things or hateful words – PROVE ME WRONG!

  5. Hypocrisy Alert says:


    1. The State is required by law to redraw district lines every 10 years.

    2. The State Senate (controlled by Democrats in the last General Assembly) agreed that THEY would redraw their OWN Senatorial district lines.

    3. Quoting Larry Sabato “The best-laid plans of mice, men and redistricters can go awry, and the 2011 election proves it. The single greatest advantage Democrats had was the power to redistrict Senate seats, but they failed to protect Houck enough — by a smidgen.”

    4. Study after study show that those who are both more generous with their money and their time are:

    Church-going, Conservative, and Republican. (remember as an example the tax returns that Joe Biden had to disclose prior to his election ? (USA TODAY- The Bidens reported giving $995 in charitble donations last year- about 0.3% of their income and the higest amount in the past decade. The low was $120.00 in 1999, about 0.1% of yearly income) Just a high profile example.

    5. I would say if any one is “tricked” into voting, it is by the buy-a-vote government programs that Democrats favor, and rake in benefits from at the election box , year after year. Democrats favor yes, but are willing to actually pay their “fair” share of taxes to pay for – is another question.( I will not bring up any Democrat or Republican that has had tax evasion problems recently. But Timothy Geithner does come to mind. ) What more programs ? find a way to pay for them, or reduce spending elsewhere.

    6. I came, I gave, I participated, I have compassion, I gave more. Preach this to your own. – oops, sorry preaching my offend someone. Perhaps you could hold a rally instead. They seem to be getting the message out loud and clear. Oops, sorry I was thinking of the wrong rally.Perhaps a petition.

    7. See, no hatred. A few facts, and a few opinions, and a few purposely snide comments – but no anger toward you.

  6. hirohyoto says:

    Dear Hypocrisy Alert – thanks for your opinion… a name might be nicer than Hypocrisy Alert.

    My name is David – I’m 29 and live in Spotsylvania County. I come from a family of conservatives but it never made sense to me.

    I’d love to continue this – but as I run a business I really have to run out and perform some inspections.

    Will hopefully repost later.

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