Statement from Albemarle Democratic Committee Chair Patty Haling:

"The Albemarle County Democratic Party received an invitation to distribute tickets to a town hall event that Congressman Garrett is holding on March 31st at the Batten School at UVA. We believe that the Congressman needs to hold an open meeting for any interested constituents to attend, not a closed door, ticketed event for insiders of either political party. Just this last weekend, over 1200 constituents came out to an event that the Congressman refused to attend. These individuals deserve to be heard and seen by their Congressman and we will not participate in any event that doesn't facilitate open participation by as many constituents as possible. We call on our neighbors in the Albemarle Republican Party to also reject this invitation to a closed door event."

Organizing Over Breakfast

Ten year old Felicity addresses over 100 community members on climate change. 

Ten year old Felicity addresses over 100 community members on climate change. 

We were thrilled at the turn out for today's monthly Charlottesville/Albemarle Democrats breakfast! Over 100 members of our community came out to learn how they could get involved. 

Since President Trump signed his executive order establishing a Muslim Ban we have all had the opportunity to witness the power of even spontaneous organizing. Over 500,000 men and women marching on Washington is just a start. A few thousand people walking down the streets of Charlottesville is just a start. A hundred motivated progressives is just a start. Now, we roll up our sleeves. 

We want to thank OneVirginia2021, Progressive Democrats of Virginia, Virginia Organizing, and Indivisible Charlottesville for speaking with us, as well as Equality and Progress In Charlottesville, and the Democratic Socialists of Charlottesville. Below we're including links to the organizations that joined us, along with some of the other sites that were mentioned in our discussion. 

We invite everyone to join us at our monthly meetings, the next scheduled meeting is set for February 20th. 

OneVirginia2021: - @1VA2021 -

Progressive Democrats of Virginia: - @pdamerica -

Virginia Organizing: - @VaOrganizing -

Indivisible #VA05: @IndivisibleVA05 -

Five Calls: - @Make5Calls

Democratic Socialists of Charlottesville:


How Would You Shape Albemarle's Future Economy?

A Community Conversation Hosted by County
Supervisors Diantha McKeel and Brad Sheffield

Monday, February 6 at 6:00 PM Northside Library - 705 Rio Rd. West

Monday, February 6 at 6:00 PM
Northside Library - 705 Rio Rd. West

Albemarle County is facing critical choices about how our approach to economic development should evolve to ensure a vibrant, sustainable economy of the future that reflects community preferences and values. As a county we are grappling with important questions... Are we taking advantage of our strong assets and unique strengths to grow an economy that supports jobs and capital
investment that sustain us as a community? Are we missing opportunities to nurture the start up and growth of desirable local businesses? What kind of business ventures can best flourish within the guidelines of our Comprehensive Plan and generate tax revenues to pay for needed community services? How do we attract and retain the workers we need to keep those businesses successful?

The community is invited to attend this discussion on Monday, February 6 at 6PM at the Northside Library to learn more about the basics of economic development, meet the County's cross functional economic development team, and join the critical conversation about where our future economy should be heading. 

The meeting will begin with a short presentation, followed by community discussion moderated by Supervisors McKeel and Sheffield.

The 2016 Election in Albemarle

Turn out

During the first phase of the campaign, volunteers from the Party and the campaign added 6,000 voters to a roll! That's the first step in engaging the community and getting out the vote.

Subsequent canvassing, phone banking and other voter contacts lead to an excellent 73% turnout, with 56,000 people voting in Albemarle this year.

Carrying Albemarle

Albemarle voters overwhelmingly came out for Democratic candidates and positions. Hillary Clinton carried Albemarle with 59% of the vote; University Hall was a standout with nearly 3 in 4 voters selecting Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

Voters also delivered Albemarle for Jane Dittmar, providing over thirty thousand votes in her race for the 5th District.

We also saw results in important ballot measures: -The anti-union "Right To Work" was defeated -The School Bond referendum was overwhelmingly supported

Strength In The Future

There's no doubt, Democrats all across the country are lamenting the outcomes up and down the ticket. And while there will be many lessons to learn from this upsetting result, here in Albemarle County this election has brimmed with energy. And we'll carry that energy with us going forward as we fight to keep the Governor's Mansion, continue fielding progressive candidates for the Board of Supervisors and preparing the way for state house races.

We can't wait to start knocking on doors, and we hope you'll join us!