Thank you to all the volunteers!

November 8th 2016 has left us somber, but we remain resilient. And with that, it's time to gear up for 2017!

Albemarle County Democrats were out in force this year, knocking on doors, making calls, and at the polls. Your efforts helped deliver Virginia, and we can do it again!

In one year, we will elect a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and three seats on the Board of Supervisors. We are so grateful for all the efforts of our volunteers, and hope you'll stay with us through 2017 and beyond.

The 2016 Election in Albemarle

Turn out

During the first phase of the campaign, volunteers from the Party and the campaign added 6,000 voters to a roll! That's the first step in engaging the community and getting out the vote.

Subsequent canvassing, phone banking and other voter contacts lead to an excellent 73% turnout, with 56,000 people voting in Albemarle this year.

Carrying Albemarle

Albemarle voters overwhelmingly came out for Democratic candidates and positions. Hillary Clinton carried Albemarle with 59% of the vote; University Hall was a standout with nearly 3 in 4 voters selecting Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

Voters also delivered Albemarle for Jane Dittmar, providing over thirty thousand votes in her race for the 5th District.

We also saw results in important ballot measures: -The anti-union "Right To Work" was defeated -The School Bond referendum was overwhelmingly supported

Strength In The Future

There's no doubt, Democrats all across the country are lamenting the outcomes up and down the ticket. And while there will be many lessons to learn from this upsetting result, here in Albemarle County this election has brimmed with energy. And we'll carry that energy with us going forward as we fight to keep the Governor's Mansion, continue fielding progressive candidates for the Board of Supervisors and preparing the way for state house races.

We can't wait to start knocking on doors, and we hope you'll join us!