Organizing, empowering, and serving progressive candidates in Albemarle County.

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Spring Fundraiser with Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam April 24

Virginia and Albemarle Democrats have had some great couple of years, and we need your help to keep momentum going. Help support the Albemarle County Democratic Party by joining us for a reception with Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam. Your support will help the party inform voters, register new voters, and cover the costs of phone banking.

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Democratic Nomination Process for Congress and President

Who will be our Democratic nominee?You may wonder what’s next in the process to select our Democratic Nominees this year. For President, we voted on March 1st in Virginia in the Democratic Primary. Those results will determine how many pledged delegates from Virginia are allocated to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Now we have to elect those delegates to the national convention.That happens in three steps. Hold that thought.

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